Modular System Design

Our core system processes all the required standing data (names, addresses, products, customs codes etc.) and data entry. Clients then choose the modules that are necessary for their business requirement. With our expert help and advice, data transfer interfaces are quickly designed and the system implemented, tested and parallel run before going live.


Developed over 25 years CMS has grown with our clients requirements, providing extensive functionality and versatility.


We believe no other system on the market holds as much data in as many layers as ours. We also keep all your data accessible from the day it enters the system until you choose to archive it. Our extensive reporting suite overlays the database for financial management and audit purposes.

Training & Support

Manuals and full training are provided for all modules. Our support is second to none.

If you are considering changing from an in-house processing solution then our sister company DMS can help. Formed in 2005 by Nigel Hopwood (MD of Ashford Applications) and independent customs specialist Ian Dudley (Customs Network Ltd), DMSL can take care of all your HMRC CFSP data entry and monthly reporting with their highly trained and dedicated staff.