Client case study


I.M. Group was initially founded as a supplier of parts for the British car manufacturer Jensen. A name change and a few highly successful franchises later and they're still very much involved in the supply of parts and service for all their franchises across their whole dealer network They handle the import, storage and distribution of manufacturers' parts and their dealer network is responsible for the customer facing service of the vehicles. The network is in constant contact with a team of specialists, based in their West Bromwich office in the West Midlands, who know their products inside and out and are always on hand to help. Efficient import of vehicles and parts is imperative if the required service levels are to be maintained and clearly CFSP and customs warehousing is a must. Originally controlled using software supplied by Kewill this process was put into jeopardy when they announced that they were not going to support the system due to changes required for the introduction of the modernized customs code. Mike Savin and Terry Barrett started the search for a replacement which led them to Ashford Applications door. A history of working with other vehicle and parts importers was of clear interest and after close inspection of the system and favourable testimonials from existing users it was decided to implement Ashford Applications CMS system. With a little modification we were able to make use of existing interfaces to simplify the implementation process. A few run-once utilities allowed us to extract data to fill the new database and ensure the bonded stock was transferred to the new system correctly. With the contract signed in late March time was not on our side to achieve live running before the contract with Kewill came to an end. Careful control by the Ashford Applications implementation team and a strong will from Mike and Terry allowed us to rise to the challenge and operate the system live with a month to spare. As expected a period of getting to know the system followed but with Ashford Applications support desk on hand this was kept to a minimum and was largely directions to information and explanation of the details therein. Probably the most satisfying comment came from Terry after a few months of operations. “It’s much easier than the old system” he said. Thank you Terry.